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70% of the world's population

does not have legally registered rights to their property

Property is one of the most valuable assets a human being will ever own, yet 5.5 billion people do not have legal rights to their land and or homes. 

Women own less than 20% of land despite being 50% of the global population.

The global goals set by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development recognize women’s land rights as a catalyst to ending poverty (Goal 1); seeking to achieve food security and improved nutrition (Goal 2) and achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment (Goal 5).


Our Mission

Land Impact is committed to empowering individuals and communities to overcoming barriers by secure land rights.

Land Impact originated from a collective of passionate individuals who identified a pressing need while actively participating in land tenure projects. Within these initiatives, numerous landowners faced challenges reaching the goal of formalized land rights due to financial constraints.

Subsequently, Land Impact was established as a non-profit 501c3 organization with a singular mission—to help individuals and communities overcome barriers to secure land rights.

Our team understands that securing land is a fundamental cornerstone for the progress of developing countries and that the momentum even a small donation can provide is impactful.


Our Leadership

Our team is passionate, with a mission-driven focus on solving land rights problems in developing nations. 

Ali El Husseini


  • Previously, Vice President of Global Operations for

  • Board of Directors for​

  • Master’s degree in Political Science and Economics

  • Ph.D. in Political Science and Government from the University of Utah

Kristina Gould


  • Director of Business Development at Medici Land Governance Inc.

  • Strategizing company growth establishing relationships

  • Support for marketing and brand identity.

Bo Jonas


  • Significant experience in contracts, negotiation, data privacy

  • M&A, government contracting, and international joint ventures.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from UCLA

  • Juris Doctorate from BYU Law School

  • MBA from the University of Texas

Your Contribution

Empowering Generational Change

Each donation we receive directly contributes to supporting communities or individuals striving to overcome obstacles hindering land ownership. Land Impact diligently identifies promising candidates through collaborations with established land tenure programs. By fostering these partnerships, Land Impact not only identifies but also champions individuals traditionally excluded from land rights, working towards integrating them into the formal economy and enhancing their overall quality of life.

How it Works?

We build strong partnerships with programs advancing land tenureship. Through those partnerships we connect those in need with compassionate change-makers. Bridging gaps and fostering transformative impact, we ensure support reaches traditionally marginalized groups.

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